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Why Shaft Drive Motors are More Cost Effective

If you want to find a highly efficient, easy-to-use, top quality ride on mower that can be used on a daily basis for all your mowing needs, no matter how tough the grasses or conditions might be, then you might want to consider a mower that is shaft driven over against one that is belt driven.

Not only is a shaft drive mower highly efficient, but it is also much more cost-effective in the long term.

Belt Systems Vs. Shaft Drive Systems

A majority of mower manufacturers continue to use the belt system as they believe it is easier, cheaper and more profitable to manufacture and maintain. As profitable and fast as belt systems are to manufacture, shaft drive systems have many more benefits, making them wiser investments for long term use.

In general, a mower’s blade uses 80% to 90% of the engine’s output energy. For this reason, the drive system between the blades and the engine are absolutely critical. Drawing a parallel with a car, it would be acceptable to use belts in applications that are in perfect and continuous alignment, but the wheels and transmission still require a large part of the power.

As with any motor vehicle nowadays, the power is sent by a shaft because it is both reliable and efficient at what it does. After all, the suspension and the wheels need to be able to rise and fall while it travels. This also applies to a ride on mower.

What Makes a Shaft More Efficient?

  • Its Speed

Think about it this way: if you hold up an end of a pipe or a broom handle and you twist it, what would happen to the other end? A torque is transmitted without any loss of power or delay, right? Well, the same thing happens with a shaft.

  • It Can Maximize the Mower’s Performance

Using a shaft drive mower instead of a belt can maximize the mower’s overall performance as it will get consistent power all of the time. As a matter of fact, almost every mower manufacturer builds shaft driven mowers above a certain value or model, so that users can get the best solution on the market.

  • No Need for Regular Maintenance

When a mower is belt driven, the belt is required to be replaced on a regular basis. Many owners find it frustrating having to do this, giving special consideration to the fact that it can be difficult to locate a replacement belt. By using a shaft system this issue can be significantly reduced.

In addition, belts need to be checked for cuts and tears on a regular basis to avoid having them break during a mowing job. The idlers, springs, pulleys and tensioners also need to be checked and replaced regularly as they absorb friction, vibration and misalignments.

Most shaft driven mowers also use shear pin systems to ensure that the gear boxes or shafts don’t break or get damaged under pressure. What more could you ask for?

If you want any more information on Belt Systems Vs Shaft Drive Systems do not hesitate to come in store and let us help!